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 Basic Forum Rules

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Mini Mo
Mini Mo

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Basic Forum Rules  Empty
PostSubject: Basic Forum Rules    Basic Forum Rules  EmptySun Sep 19, 2010 5:45 pm

We, DECO Forum's Staff, want you all to enjoy being here but we all know, there must be some rules to keep everything working smoothely Wink . So we came up with simple "do's & dont's":

Behaviour rules:
  • Respect the fact that you are interacting with other human beings. No one likes to be insulted.

  • Be nice and play fair. Users are expected to be polite to each other.

  • Admins and Moderators are here not to boss you around but to keep the Forum tidy and solve all the problems and arguments. Therefore please don't be scared of us. We don't bite. Just poke you a little Cool

  • We all have our opinions and have the right to express them; users should also respect other users opinions, which may differ from their own.

  • Misunderstandings can easily arise from the use of humourous or sarcastic marks (smilies and the like so often used in SMS texts).

  • Also, please refrain from the overuse of CAPITAL LETTERS.

  • Before making a new thread, be sure to search for an already existing topic.

  • Use of offensive words or pictures anywhere in Forum is strictly forbidden.

Correctly posting your topic
  • Before you create a new topic, check first if there is an existing category. The "search" button is your friend Surprised

  • Give your topics meaningful titles‚ not just "Hello" or " Question".

  • If you're quoting a post with an image, delete the image in the quote and replace it with 'image' or 'picture' or anything.

  • Constructive comments are always appreciated

  • Try to stay on-topic, if you feel like your post isn't about the topic, just pm the person you would like to say something to, that's a great way to learn more about each other and make friends

  • When you post a reaction, try and make it contain more than 3 words, we don't want posts with: nice, or cool... Tell what you like about it or what you think is cool.

Your signature
  • Any picture in your signature must have a maximum hight of 120 pixels. Animations are permitted. Please keep these images as simple as possible for the sake of the forums legibility.

  • Your signature should have at most five lines‚ including any blank lines.

  • Links to pirated games and/or content, fan subs, illegal/adult sites and commercial advertisements are all strictly forbidden.

Your Avatar
  • Your Avatar image may not exceed 150x150 pixels.

Correctly posting your images
  • Whenever it's possible, when posting a picture in your thread, please use a "Image" or "Link" option. The first "Host Link" option uses too much storage space on our Forum and therefore is more costly for the Staff to run it Rolling Eyes

The Consequences
  • Anyone who violate any of the above rules first will be warned. In cases of repeated cautions or more serious offences, DECO Forum blocks or deletes the user's account.

  • DECO Forum team reserves the rights to extend these rules. You, the user, hold sole responsibility for staying up-to-date with the rules.

For more technical informations on how to use the forum please visit the FAQ link or contact our Staff on Help Centre.

Updatet by Mini Mo & Riechan on 20/09/2010

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Basic Forum Rules
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